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Valour is a youth outreach ad-hoc carried out annually, which aims to instill in the youth the essence of inspiring oneself to inspire others. This year we focused on nurturing resilient youth and fostering the spirit of giving back to society.

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Over the past 6 years, we have been working with Jamiyah Children's Home (JCH). JCH is a home for neglected children who come from underprivileged families, in need of proper care and protection.


For our first event, we began with a bonding session aimed at establishing rapport between the organising team and JCH residents, as well as to instill values into the residents through various games and story-telling. This event consisted of a hybrid one, where eight committee members were present on-site while the rest of the committee helped in facilitating the activities online.

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Our second event aimed to introduce the JCH residents to different social causes in Singapore while recognising and appreciating diversity through fun activities. 

This event was carried out physically, which allowed for greater and more enjoyable interaction between the organising committee and JCH residents.


The final event was aimed at introducing the JCH residents to service-learning and was divided into two sessions. The first session served to inculcate a sense of empathy in the youths towards service learning and its potential benefits and effects, through the use of scenarios, guided discussions and engaging games.

The second session was aimed at teaching the youths how to use Canva to raise awareness online and put empathy into action. 

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why join?

Valour provides an opportunity for individuals who are interested in reaching out to youths in our community to nurture their resilience, confidence and to instil the spirit of giving back to our society. With taking a collaborative approach to plan fun and educational activities, imparting important values such as gratitude as well as to recognise the importance of giving back to society to these youths will be possible. For instance, Valour’s 20/21 team practiced the theme of “Levelling Up”, to encourage the practice of always improving on one’s self for the better which included raising awareness and inclination of gratitude and to give back to society within both its members and the youths.

Through Valour, one would experience a lot of meaningful collaborative work within the committee and with the youths as well. While the activities held will most certainly be fun and will provide an opportunity to foster nurturing relationships and forge bonds with the youths, these activities will also be educational and filled with important lessons to be learned.