NUS Muslim Society's Executive Committee hosts several events throughout their term. 

In 2019/20, they had several events that were carried out:
1. Ad-hoc Induction

2. Loving Allah Series

3. Welcome Tea

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Welcome Tea

Welcome Tea is an integral part of NUSMS’ calendar held at the start of Semester 1 for the incoming Muslim freshmen of NUS. Welcome Tea serves as a platform through which we hope to reach out to the student community and spread awareness, as well as to spur interest in the freshmen such that they are inspired to be involved in our activities planned for the upcoming academic year.

Through Welcome Tea, we sought to provide opportunities for freshmen and seniors to interact and share ideas from past initiatives. Perhaps most importantly, we hope to create new and long-lasting bonds amongst freshmen.


Ad-hoc Induction

Ad-hoc committee members consisting of freshmen and seniors are recruited yearly to plan and execute
events. The ad-hoc induction programme aims at providing a platform that facilitates the bonding
amongst respective ad-hoc heads and the exchange of information between the previous ad-hoc committee leaders along with the 56th ExCo.


It also facilitates Ad-hoc leaders in understanding the direction of NUSMS, and the roles of the various ad-hoc toward that direction. The induction is the first step for the leaders as they embark on their various ad-hoc journeys.

Loving Allah Series

The Loving Allah series is a two-part lecture series which will discuss the true meaning of Allah’s
omnipotence, and how we can apply this belief in our lives as students.


The first lecture will go in-depth
on Allah’s attributes like His Power and Will while the second one will delve into the reason behind our
life events and how we can place our trust in Him.


Our events

Based on the annual calendar of events, the NUSMS Executive Committee comes up with activities and events that cater to the Muslim population within and outside of NUS.

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