NUS Muslim Society's Executive Committee hosts several events throughout their term. 

In the 57th ExCo's term, they have executed the following events thus far:
1. e-Student Life Fair

2. Welcome Tea

3. Adhoc Induction

4. The Timeless Truth Series

5. Get Booked! Meets Ibrahim Tahir

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Welcome Tea

Welcome Tea is an integral part of NUSMS’ calendar held at the start of Semester 1 for the incoming Muslim freshmen of NUS. Welcome Tea serves as a platform through which we hope to reach out to the student community and spread awareness, as well as to spur interest in the freshmen such that they are inspired to be involved in our activities planned for the upcoming academic year.

Through Welcome Tea, we sought to provide opportunities for freshmen and seniors to interact and share ideas from past initiatives. Perhaps most importantly, we hope to create new and long-lasting bonds amongst freshmen.




As part of the Get Booked! initiative, which aims to promote intellectual reconnection to Islam through reading, the Get Booked! team interviewed the owner of our go-to Islamic bookstore, Wardah Books – Ibrahim Tahir!

Hear what he has to say in this exclusive interview! We hope you are inspired to pick up a book and begin your journey of reading. As the saying goes, “The journey of a lifetime starts with a turning of a page.” Let’s Get Booked together!

Click here to view the video!

THe timeless truth series

The Timeless Truth series was a 3-part series, aiming to initiate discourse surrounding contemporary issues within the NUS Muslim community.


The series consisted of 3 talks: Approaching Contemporary Issues with Deputy Mufti Ustaz Dr. Hannan Hassan, Understanding Sexuality with Ustaz Dr. Firdaus Yahya, and Understanding Mental Health with Dr. Radiah Salim, Ustazah Noraini Abdul Wahab & Sister Sumaiyyah from Club HEAL.

Click here to view the event recordings!


Our events

Based on the annual calendar of events, the NUSMS Executive Committee comes up with activities and events that cater to the Muslim population within and outside of NUS.