WHY nisaa'?

Nisaa’ is a Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) under NUSMS, established for ladies, by ladies! We serve as a platform for Muslim women in NUS to engage and interact through various events organized throughout the academic year.


Our Mission is to spiritually, intellectually, and physically strive to excel in this world and the next. Our Vision is to forge a sisterhood through gatherings and a robust support system within the NUS Muslimah community.

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We hold talks, maulids, enrichment events, and sports activities to allow fellow Muslimahs to forge meaningful connections with one another! Nisaa’ is a safe community for sisters to come together and be themselves while leaving only with newly forged companionships and a beautiful family, a family of sisterhood!


We look forward to meeting you! 


why join?

  1. We offer a comfortable space for Muslimah to work together

  2. Contribute to the community - Being a part of Nisaa’ allows you to actively participate in events that engage other Muslimah in the community!

  3. The reward for forging strong ties among other Muslimah - get blessings from Allah SWT for encouraging the congregation of those of the same faith