Rihlah is a sports outreach ad-hoc project carried out annually by the NUS Muslim Society to instill worthwhile values to youth in the community and empower them through sports.

Rihlah 1442H seeks to promote a comfortable environment for undergraduates to maintain a healthy lifestyle, facilitated through forging relationships within the community through the theme “Rekindle, Rediscover, Reflect”. As such, Rihlah has organized a variety of online and offline events to encourage participants to reconnect with themselves and the community around them through sports and health.

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Rihlah 1442H kickstarted our term with the #myRihlah Instagram campaign to advocate for a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable in the long run. Using a tiered-based points system, participants had to send either a picture or video of them participating in a physical activity or eating healthily with the hashtag #myRihlah to receive points.



Rihlah 1442H also launched the second initiative, Rihlah Café where social media audiences were introduced to affordable, healthy, and quick recipe videos for them to try. These recipes include healthy butter chicken with cauliflower rice, oat banana pancakes, soba salad, and smoothies. As part of #myRihlah, participants who tried out these recipes were awarded additional points.


Rihlah Reflects was an inaugural web lecture by Rihlah on the “Relevancy of Maintaining Holistic Health in Islam”, which aimed to shed light on topics rarely discussed within the Islamic realm despite being rampant within the community, such as poor body image issues and physical insecurities. Guest speaker Ustaz Fakhrur Radzi provided valuable insights on improving our lives, both spiritually and through eating well. 


Rihlah also engaged Professor Kua Ee Heok, a healthcare professional from the National University of Hospital (NUH), to provide some insights regarding a Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), which popular culture has often trivialized.



The last event is the highly anticipated annual mass night cycling event from the sunset of 27th February to the dawn of 28th February. This year, the cycling route started from the NUS campus and ended at East Coast Park, covering a distance of 34 kilometers. The cycling pit stops included Botanical Gardens, Vivo City, West Coast Park, and Marina Barrage.


Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, participants cycled in intimate groups of six while exploring the city's beauty through the night. Additionally, the long route, which had uphill and downhill slopes, also challenged the participants’ endurance with their peers, allowing them to push themselves physically and mentally.


Participants were given a more intimate time and space to reconnect with the community around them and themselves through conquering the night cycling challenge and the games pitstops that came with it. 

why join?

Rihlah serves as a platform to learn about how sports can strengthen our soul, body and mind. If you love sports, the outdoors or even have the passion to constantly better yourself physically and mentally, Rihlah is the adhoc for you. Through Rihlah, you will meet like-minded people who share the same fervour to spread the good word of sports and the importance of keeping fit.

Being part of Rihlah means facilitating the learning of Islam through sports, not just for the Muslim community but for others as well. You can expect to gain new insights about sports that you may not have had before, as well as to gain new friendships.