Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) is a yearly anchored ad-hoc of the NUS Muslim Society (NUSMS), which strives towards a consistent goal of building a God-conscious society through knowing, loving and emulating our Messenger, Rasulullah ﷺ, through a series of events targeted towards the NUS Muslim community. PBUH1441H: Light Within, which was held in AY 2019/20, had the objective of seeking, loving and celebrating the Beloved ﷺ. This was executed through four events that were graced by distinguished guests, including talks and a grand maulid. Drawing inspiration from the lunar movements, these events were named after lunar phenomena.

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New moon

Embracing the Beloved ﷺ

NEW MOON: Embracing the Beloved ﷺ was the first event that PBUH 1441H held. Held in the YIH Student Lounge, this event was a get-together chill-out session that gathered the Muslim community across NUS for an unforgettable evening filled with food, light-hearted sharing and Qasidah sing-a-longs. This event was graced by esteemed guests Ustaz Muhammad Nuzhan and Ustazah Farhana Munshi.

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Understanding Salutations Upon the Beloved ﷺ

A specially curated selawat workshop aimed to deepen one’s understanding and appreciation towards selawats, CRESCENT: Understanding Salutations Upon The Beloved ﷺ was led by Ustaz Ahmad Faritz. Through this blessed congregation, we uncovered the significance, benefits and profound meanings behind some of selawats we regularly recite together.


Finding Comfort in the Beloved ﷺ

In life, some days are gloomier than the others. It’s in these times that we seek to find hope and solace to keep on moving. MOONBOW: Finding Comfort in the Beloved ﷺ, which is PBUH 1441H’s penultimate event saw our specially invited guest, Ustaz Mizi Wahid, give a talk that addresses grief. Stories of our Beloved Muhammad ﷺ were also shared by Ustaz Mizi during this insightful talk, as we attempt to find hope in the days that feel gloomier than others.

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Full moon

Grand Finale for the Beloved ﷺ

Similar to the lunar movement, FULL MOON: Grand Finale for the Beloved ﷺ was the pinnacle event for PBUH 1441H! The grand finale saw attendees, that comprises of the NUS Muslim community and their families, express their love and remembrance for the Prophet ﷺ through his stories and recitations upon him. This year, we had the pleasure of having Ustaz Dr Feisal join us as our beloved and esteemed guest.

why join?

PBUH opens up a timeless and fulfilling journey for all to seek, love and celebrate the Prophet ﷺ. Regardless of where one feels they are at in their spiritual journey, there is a place for everyone in PBUH. Above all, this ad-hoc also serves as an opportunity for one to consciously serve the Prophet ﷺ together as a student community.