Islam awareness


Islam Awareness Series (IAS) aims to share knowledge and insights about Islam among NUS students and provide a platform for discourse about Islam for Muslims and Non-Muslims. This is done through engagement with both Muslim and non-Muslim audiences through talks and dialogues.


The theme for IAS 1442H was Discovery, where each event progressively aids participants on their journeys of self-discovery, learning new insights, and clarifying misconceptions and doubts about Islam.

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Living the Faithful Life as a University Student

Living the Faithful Life as a University Student was a dialogue held in collaboration with NUS Interfaith, with participants from various faiths. 

Ustazah Liyana from Harmony Centre SG did a sharing before participants split into breakout rooms for small group sharings on what student life is like while practicing their respective faiths, facilitated by volunteer facilitators from NUS Interfaith. This was followed by a Q&A with a panel of 4 speakers from NUS Sikh Society, NUS Buddhist Society, NUS Muslim Society, and NUS Interfaith.

The aim was for participants to discover more about other faiths and appreciate their faiths while understanding each other's struggles in juggling faith with student life.

Searching for Allah s.w.t

As Muslim university students living in Singapore, it can be challenging to remember Allah S.W.T. during the hustle and bustle of school life. Searching for Allah S.W.T. was a talk by Ustaz Dr. Feisal Mohamed Hassan from Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG), sharing the beauty of having Allah S.W.T. in our lives and showing us the fundamental ways to deepen our spiritual connection with Him.

WAS to ISlam: A sharing by reverts

WAS to ISlam: A sharing by reverts consisted of a diverse lineup of Muslim reverts - local influencer couple Nadiah M Din and Bilal Jeanpierre, Chef Omar, owner of Kucina Restaurant, and Sheikh Mikaeel Ahmad Smith, an instructor at Qalam Institute based in Texas, USA. This sharing session served as a platform for our speakers to share their stories on how they found Islam and what made them revert and talk about their struggles to learn from their stories to strengthen our Islamic faith.

All Aboard! Forum

All Aboard! Forum served as a platform for participants to clarify their doubts and raise questions regarding misconceptions about Islam, especially in today's world where the spread of misinformation on Islam is rampant in the media. The esteemed panelists for this forum were Ex Dutch Politician and Muslim revert Joram Van Klaveren, Deputy Mufti Ustaz Dr Mohammad Hannan Hassan and Ustaz Ahmad Helmi Hasbi from the Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG).

why join?

IAS provides opportunities to create a safe and inclusive space for seekers who wish to learn about Islam, regardless of their religion and background. IAS aims to bring about harmony and understanding amongst people of different beliefs by serving as a platform for discourse and interaction.


By becoming part of the IAS committee, one will experience self-growth with a diverse team and expand their knowledge base through events curated, organized, and managed by you and your team. Whether you are looking to gain experience and knowledge or simply be involved in your community, IAS allows you to tap into your creativity while strengthening your faith and building confidence.

Each year, the IAS committee plans for a series of events that can range from talks by renowned speakers to workshops and carnivals targeted towards audiences seeking knowledge about Islam. In previous years, IAS has organized sharing sessions by reverts, interfaith discussions, forums, and even an IAS Carnival where booths were set up to share about Islamic practices, art, food, and history. This flexibility and freedom in organizing events will allow one to flex their creative muscles and pioneer new ways to reach out to a wider community through Islam.