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Guide2Goodness is a Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) under NUSMS, that provides regular classes in NUS which focuses on the sciences of Islamic Spirituality, Islamic Sacred Knowledge. The topics for the sessions are tailored to the semester’s academic weeks so that it would be of relevance, as well as a source of strength and solace to students who attend.

Our Objective:


Lessons provided regularly for Islamic Sacred Knowledge

Increase our love for Allah S.W.T. and Rasulullah S.A.W.

Feed, heal and strengthen the NUS Muslim community

Expose NUS Muslim community to traditional methods of Knowledge transmission

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The Journey Within


Sessions were focused particularly on reflections. With this, sessions were designed in hopes of drawing parallels between the outward journey of being a student and the inward journey of renewing our views with the lens of Islamic Spirituality. Led by our beloved asatizah Ustaz Muhsin Hamzah, we ended the series beautifully with a learning journey to the Maqam of Habib Nuh.

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The Power Series


The focus of this series was the obligatory acts that must be performed by each Muslim (fardhu ‘ain). Sessions were designed in hopes that students can draw lessons on how our rituals are more than just their outward forms, with reflections grounded in discovering the beauty of our rituals.



Good2Give is an initiative by G2G, carried out for the community, by the community. It started with the intention to show gratitude through the act of giving. Good2Give is also in line with one of the objectives of G2G which is to feed, heal and strengthen the community.

why join?

  1. Good Food: If you come to G2G, there’ll sure be good food! Even if you can’t stay for the class, you may come by to join us for a meal. Last year, we had delicious meals from The Malayan Council as well as tasty desserts from Want Some Pies.

  2. Good Company: If you decide to stay, then stay for the good company. From our warm, approachable asatizah to other fellow students from different faculties/schools, it will sure be a night of blessed company.

  3. Good Vibes: If you are worried about the vibes, fret not as G2G ensures only good vibes from its committee, community and our beloved asatizah. Come as you are, there’s room for everyone! 

  4. Good Knowledge: If you are here to learn, then have faith that our beloved asatizah will pass down their valuable knowledge to us inshaAllah.

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