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Too busy to attend religious classes during the school semester? Or maybe you're looking for a spiritual boost during a hectic semester with deadlines looming over you. Whatever the case, G2G has the answer for you! We invite asatizah and esteemed speakers to conduct sessions on campus to encourage the NUS Muslim community to come together to learn Islamic knowledge in an easy and welcoming way.

If you've always wanted to attend religious classes but found it challenging to attend by yourself, then this is the perfect chance for you! You get to bring friends along and attend our sessions together. (Pssst... there's food too!)


But don't worry! Our sessions aren't like your lectures in school: there are no pre-requisites nor are they serious or boring. Instead, they are light-hearted yet full of wisdom and beautiful advice. You'll leave feeling spiritually nourished and rejuvenated.

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1. Good food: If you come to G2G, there'll surely be good food! Even if you can't make it for the session, you may come by to join us for a meal. We have had delicious meals from The Malayan Council as well as tasty desserts from Want Some Pies.


2. Good company: If you do decide to stay, then stay for the good company. From our warm, approachable asatizah, to fellow students from different faculties. Bring along your friends and make new ones! It will surely be a night of blessed company.


3. Good vibes: If you are worried about the vibes, fret not as G2G ensures only good vibes from its committee, community and our beloved asatizah. Come as you are, there's room for everyone!

If you join the G2G family as a committee member, you can expect to serve the NUS Muslim community while learning beneficial skills and knowledge in various areas such as marketing, administration, content creation, outreach, graphic design, emceeing and Islamic spirituality.

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