fitDeen is a Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) under NUSMS seeking to bridge spiritual and physical exploration. We intend to be a medium to spark God-consciousness in the NUS community while engaging in activities with a focus on the outdoors.

We aim to encourage the sunnah of reflections and foster God-consciousness by providing a safe space for participants to reflect on their personal experiences as well as contemplate and appreciate God's creations. Also, we intend to inculcate the habit of being mindful through the awareness of God and self-awareness of the heart and mind.

As fitDeen is an outdoor-based GUI, we aspire to push the participants out of their comfort zones so as to instill the spirit of adventure amongst the participants when they take part in our outdoor activities.


Aim: To reflect on the different interactions in our lives, in hopes of being more mindful of them.

  1. Human-Human Interactions

  2. Human-Nature Interactions

  3. Human-God Interactions


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