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NUS Muslim Society's Executive Committee hosts several events throughout their term. These events are collaborations with other organizations and societies.

In 2020/2021, they had several events that were carried out:

1. eMpower

2. Welfare Pack
3. Garden of Love

4. Budding Love

5. Freshman Orientation Camp (Legendeus)

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eMpower is a series of talks jointly organized by PBMUKS, NUSMS, and Mendaki to empower NUS Malay and Muslim undergraduates in taking charge of their future. With topics ranging from career building,
career networking, financial literacy, to forming good relationships, we hope to provide a platform for
NUS Muslim undergraduates to be better equipped in facing their lives after graduation.

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The Welfare Pack initiative is a bi-annual collaboration between NUSMS and PBMUKS that seeks to provide welfare packs at the end of each semester to motivate and support Malay/Muslim NUS students for their upcoming exams. Additionally, these welfare packs are also given to the NUS staff to show appreciation for their contributions to the school.

During Semester 1 of AY2020/2021, e-welfare packs were sent out to students in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and included practical items like e-coupons and digital collaterals like calendars.

In Semester 2, with COVID-19 regulations loosened, physical welfare packs consisting of snacks and relevant Ramadan essential items such as dates and a tasbih were given since the holy month of Ramadan coincided with the finals period.


As part of the Ramadan Seed Series 2021, Garden of Love is a collaboration between NUSMS and BAPA that seeks to provide a platform to students to volunteer during the holy month of Ramadan. 

In line with one of the aims of the 57th ExCo's direction of spiritual reconnection, this collaboration seeks to lend a helping hand in distributing iftar to zakat beneficiaries and spread light and joy to the wider community.

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As part of the Ramadan Seed Series 2021, Budding Love is an initiative with ItsRainingRaincoats to provide migrant workers with staples and Eid-themed items in the festive spirit of Eid ul Fitr.

Starting with a sharing session by representatives from two migrant worker non-governmental organizations, Budding Love also aims to be an educational platform for learning about the lived experiences of migrant workers in Singapore who have worked hard in building up the society.

With the help of donations from the public, these care packs were prepped by the ExCo and NUS undergraduate volunteers, followed by an iftar session to end the day.


Our Freshmen Orientation Camp 2021 namely Legendeus, was inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender. It spans over 4 days of online activities, inclusive of 1 internet-break day where freshmen are encouraged to meet up with their new friends offline. The objective of the camp is to guide freshmen as they embark on their journey in NUS. Through online games such as The Amazing Race and physical activities like video-filming, the camp aims to orientate the freshmen on the resources available in NUS and to also foster friendships amongst them.

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Based on the annual calendar of events, the NUSMS Executive Committee comes up with activities and events that cater to the Muslim population within and outside of NUS.