NUS Muslim Society's Executive Committee hosts several events throughout their term. These events are collaborations with other organizations and societies.

In 2019/20, they had several events that were carried out:

. Ramadan Catch-up Series

  • Instagram


eMpower is a series of talks jointly organised by PBMUKS, NUSMS, and Mendaki to empower NUS Malay
and Muslim undergraduates in taking charge of their future. With topics ranging from career building,
career networking, financial literacy, to forming good relationships, we hope to provide a platform for
NUS Muslim undergraduates to be better equipped in facing their lives after graduation.


ramadan catch-up

The Ramadan catch-up series is to remind and motivate students to make the best out of the last 10 nights of Ramadan as they may have been otherwise busy at the start of the month fasting and balancing exams.


This first Instagram live session focuses on explaining the tremendous benefits of the last 10 nights of Ramadan (i.e. Lailatul Qadr) and how one can maximise it, even if they feel they might

have not done much previously.


The second session focuses on preparing for eid and continuing acts of worship beyond Ramadan.


Based on the annual calendar of events, the NUSMS Executive Committee comes up with activities and events that cater to the Muslim population within and outside of NUS.